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Get Your Wiredtree Dedicated Server Coupon in United States in a Wink!
I opted to try out the facilities of WiredTree Hosting a week ago. The change was smoother than A2 Hosting's uptime, the host that we made use of prior to this, so much so that I suppose people were unaware of it. I had been procrastinating the switch for months, because I was apprehensive of attempting to move our site to a different host.

However, WiredTree's assistance team, showed me in no uncertain terms that the relocation was a wise one.

A2 Hosting had been my server for over a year. For the duration of that period, we discovered the quality of their support mediocre with very poor downtime and customer care. In spite of our unhappiness, we kept on with them for two main reasons: they were low priced and we were worried! A2 Hosting's packages were very easy on our wallets and they claimed that those packages were unlimited (we will elaborate later) We were paying less than $10 monthly.

On the fear side, although I'm pretty computer-savvy, switching servers frightened me. Increasing my worry was that we also found it necessary to move from shared hosting to a virtual private server. Since I don't know anything about hosting administration, it seemed like a dicey and time-consuming venture. What with managing a full-time law practice, I could not afford to devote much additional time handling hosting operations.

We did not mind A2 Hostings inadequacies due to their price and as a result of our worry of the transfer. Recently, however, we were informed that we were applying too many information on their supposedly unlimited plan. I still haven't understood how A2 Hosting considers we can utilize too much of our unrestricted resources. Well, the last straw was when A2 informed us we had a week to relocate.

On somebody's introduction, I checked out and picked WiredTree.

This evaluation is obviously prejudiced meaning that it's based on my own experience with the company. There may be customers who may not feel the same.

WiredTree is one of the fastest growing enterprises in the U.S. and it's not difficult to see why. In search of a VPS or dedicated server? Check out WiredTree. I've been utilizing them for two years now and have had no trouble with them.

It is somewhat far more pricey-about $50 monthly-but it is easy to see why. I was immediately pleased with the security measures and help. At A2, my support tickets would require hours to obtain a response. At WiredTree, I obtained a response in minutes. They even authenticated my order by giving me a telephone call. (I was actually in conversation with people by way of the phone!)

The setup was rapid, and then a support person walked me all the way from backing up our former host, transmitting it to our latest host, and relocating our internet addresses. The entire transfer was over in less than one hour. If you are someone who is not tech-savvy, the talent and competence of WiredTree's staff will make it uncomplicated for you to make the transfer in very little time. So we transferred, but you very likely didn't realize. We have no regrets with our choice of our new host, WiredTree.